VoIP Boot Camp for Your Business


> VoIP BootCamp
> Principles of VoIP
> Advantages of VoIP
> Practicality of VoIP
> Benefits of VoIP
> Equipment or Service?
> VoIP and Security
> Quality of Service
> VoIP Deployment
> Equipment Types
> Getting Started

VoIP Boot Camp for Your Business

Welcome to the VoIP Strategy Boot Camp.  This VoIP Boot Camp includes information helpful in deciding how best to take advantage of VoIP technology in a business environment.  The modules below are a tutorial on the basics of VoIP.  Once the tutorial is completed, you will be qualified to design a VoIP strategy for your business.

This guide is developed to promote the VoIP industry.  To receive a complimentary competitive analysis for your business, fill out the form found in the getting started module.

The competitive analysis will be prepared by a technician experienced in business telecommunications applications and certified in converged communications.  If you are considering a new communications application for your business, the competitive analysis will provide you with a complete proposal for increasing your efficiency and taking advantage of VoIP.  In some cases, you may even be able to leverage some of your existing equipment and experience significant savings.

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