VoIP - Equipment or Service?


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VoIP - Equipment or Service?

There are going to be choices in how your VoIP system is implemented. Most PBX systems are owned by the user. Some enterprises opt for Centrex; which is a service of the local telephone company very similar to an onsite PBX. The vast majority of enterprises choose to own/lease their own equipment. In the VoIP market, you may have the same choice. The names may be a little different but the choice is the same.

Enterprise owned IP-PBX Equipment is much the same as owning traditional PBX equipment. The comparison to IP Centrex is identical to the past where the customer owned solution is usually perceived as more flexible and less expensive to operate. When there are disruptions in the Internet or power systems, most users prefer to own their own equipment to add to the options in disaster recovery. If the Internet service gets disrupted for any reason, an IP PBX is still connected to the PSTN and this would not affect the flow of non Internet call traffic.

IP Centrex is a service that is purchased from an IP Centrex provider. It will deliver similar benefits to an on site PBX without the burden of owning the equipment.

Peer to Peer (P2P) service providers offer a parallel system. A P2P service can enhance your existing PBX system by allowing many calls to be made over the Internet outside of the corporate PBX. Some services also offer low cost long distance services. Most Peer to Peer services are offered at no cost. The expectation is that the users will use the long distance services offered.

VoIP Service Providers offer reduced rates on long distance. This is especially good on international calling. The call usually originates from the Internet but will be connected to any telephone on the PSTN. Your telephone number is transferred to the VoIP provider and all of your calls are originated and terminated over your broadband connection. The VoIP service providers leverage the Internet for low cost transmission, and provide a way to extend the value of your broadband connection.



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