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VoIP Practicality

The practicality of VoIP in your business depends on several variables. VoIP can be deployed with little or no cost, or can be an elaborate application designed with your specific needs in mind. You either are looking for a new telecommunications system or you want to enhance the one you have. Deploying VoIP does not necessarily mean trashing your old PBX. Some manufacturers have VoIP enhancements that may be a reasonable alternative to completely throwing out the old system. A legacy PBX will generally have a massive feature set that most VoIP system can’t match right now. Most of those features usually go unused, but if you rely on some of them, make sure that you can still get the functionality in a new system.

VoIP systems operate on a LAN. This is a little different than the legacy PBX systems. The legacy PBX systems usually work when power goes out because they are simple to back up and all of the telephones get their power from the PBX. In a VoIP system, to get that type of redundancy, you need back up power for all of your LAN equipment, plus consider how you will power the IP telephones during a power outage. Some IP telephones are powered from Power Over Ethernet. This adds reliability not unlike the reliability of a legacy PBX. Power Over Ethernet will add to the cost of a VoIP system when compared to a traditional PBX.

Over time, legacy PBX’s will all be replaced with VoIP systems. The real world consideration is whether or not you want to gradually migrate to new VoIP features over time or step right into it immediately.

Be sure to consider the underlying technology. SIP is the standard that the industry is embracing. At the very least, if considering a solution, be sure to inquire if it is SIP compliant. 



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