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About VoIP Strategy.com

Welcome to VoIP Strategy.com.

This site is designed to provide potential users of VoIP and Internet Telephony enough information to make an informed decision on purchasing VoIP products and services. VoIP is a new way to communicate. It provides a foundation for many great communications applications.  On this site we have provided information on how a business can harness VoIP and Internet Telephony.  When we say Internet Telephony, we are reffering to using an IP PBX.   

Virtually all businesses have a Telephone System.  VoIP and Internet Telephony combine to take that traditional old Business Telephone System and the old way of connecting to the PSTN to a new level.  The design of the new generation of IP PBX equipment is an all inclusive business communication application that provides features and efficiencies that are not possible with the older technology.

VoIP is designed to make communicating more efficient. Making things efficient always means saving money. VoIP will provide the opportunity to save money, even if all you do is use it to make telephone calls. The real promise of VoIP though is in the enhanced possibilities that now exist for your business.  Using an IP PBX in your business will expand and simplify all of the features that are available to you.  

VoIP makes the most out of broadband connections. As we begin to see broadband connections available in hotel lobbies, airports, coffee shops and convention centers, the ability to use VoIP for communicating becomes very real. Taking advantage of this growing trend is something all businesses will be faced with over the next several years.

We will provide you all of the information you will need to become an aware consumer in this new and growing market. It is important for all of us to realize that the next communications system that you purchase will have VoIP capabilities. The sooner you get educated on the technology, the sooner you can take advantage of the efficiencies.

VoIP Strategy provides up to the minute high quality technical advice for decision makers who are considering the purchase of a new business communications system. VoIP Strategy is a consulting practice affiliated with a national network of qualified communications experts with years of experience in the communications and data field.

Representing all manufacturers and service providers in the communications and data marketplace, VoIP Strategy Affiliates are trained in all the latest VoIP technologies plus all of the traditional telecom and data technologies. The professionals at VoIP Strategy will design a strategy for your specific communications requirements based upon your company’s specific needs.

VoIP Strategy Affiliates choose from the industry leading technologies to design applications that will provide value for years to come. As an independent consulting network, VoIP Strategy is not paid to push certain manufacturer’s products or services. We are in the business promoting the successful deployment of technology applications. We are here to recommend a total solution for your business.  Our Affiliates are the most highly trained and experienced resource available in the VoIP industry.

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