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Advantages of an IP PBX

An IP PBX is a single platform that provides IP Telephony Features. Since it is an all inclusive platform, there is usually one single web interface to administer the entire suite of features. This includes setting up the users, extensions, voice mail, unified messaging, ACD and other enhanced applications.

The fact that there is a single web interface and all features are included in the same software program, makes an IP PBX much simpler to set up and use. Adds moves and changes can be made without extensive experience or familiarity with IP telephony, PBX programming, VoIP or any other complicated technologies.

Of course, because it is Internet Telephony, the LAN is all the wiring required. All one needs to do to move a telephone is unplug it and move to another location. The telephone will come right up working on the LAN where ever it is plugged in.

A well designed IP PBX System has an intuitive web interface that is suited to someone who has basic PC skills and understands your business. The most desired features in a system besides the basic features mentioned above are:

Roles Based Administration - This allows many differnt options for providing employees access to the system for self service support and administration.

Administration of Sound Files - This is important to make any modifications to the routing menus and announcements in the system.

Group Routing Configuration - This maximizes flexibility and allows maximum call coverage at all times.


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