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In addition to providing VoIP University and our experts panel, VoIP Strategy will provide the expert advice you need to make your application the best value in the industry.  The VoIP Strategy team can assist with:

Applications Development

Before deciding which products and services to use, its best to take a look at what your business requires.  Efficiencies can be gained by properly designing an application that can optimize the way you do business.  VoIP has many benefits beyond saving money on long distance.  Some of the best benefits of VoIP are in how it can enhance how you do business.  Because the nature of an IP PBX is an all inclusive package of features, it is much simpler to create an application for your business that utilizes enhanced features like mobility and teleworking.  Some of these features bring tremendous value to your business.  What may have been a problem in the past with a traditional phone system, turns into a simple mouse click with an IP PBX.

Product Selection

What products or services are right for you?

Depending on your requirements, VoIP Strategy will recommend equipment and services that fit your requirements. We have created a detailed requirements assessment form. Once completed, we will work with you to select the best products at the best price.  We will recommend a solution that will meet all of your requirements tailored for your local area.

Network assessments

For certain applications, it may be prudent to perform a network assessment for VoIP applications. Depending on your existing infrastructure and the application you wish to deploy, we will recommend whether or not you will require a network assessment. A network assessment will measure the amount of available bandwidth and the expected voice and data requirements of your organization. A network assessment will put you in control of the final quality of your specific application.

Products and Services Designed for Your Business

Select the products and services that meet the needs of your specific business.  Big changes have occured in the telecommunications indutry over the past several years.  Prices for some enhanced telco srevices like T1 and PRI have been drastically reduced.  Your business may be in a position to take advantage of lower costs and incresed functionality in the type of services you order from the phone company. The latest generation of IP PBX systems has been designed to take advantage of these new cost savings and will provide enhanced functionality. 

Total Systems Considerations

In this era of dramatic change, purchasing an IP PBX will also require considering the type and quality of the services that you order from the telephone company.   When you make the decision to purchase an IP PBX, your options expand.  The decision on what telco services to go along with your new system will have a profound effect on your applications flexibility and the cost efficiencies.  New products like Dynamic T1 coupled with an IP PBX can add additional bandwidth, provide low cost VoIP services, insure the quality of voice conversations and add functionality like DID and mobility.   


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